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Hot Tub - Bork Havn

  • Price for 1 , 83,00EUR(incl. VAT)
Give your surf event or private party a cool kick with our portable firewood hot tub.
The water is heated by an external wood-burning stove.
The hot tub is mounted on a trailer, which can be placed anywhere with a level and solid surface - on the beach, at the cottage or wherever you want. The inside of the tub is metal for optimal hygiene and easier cleaning. There is room for about 8 adults at a time. Prices from 599,- DKK
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Prices in DKK::

  • 1 day weekday 599,-
  • 1 weekend (fri-sun) 1299,-
  • Delivery or pickup in the Bork area 100,- For larger distancescall for agreement.
  • 1 pk wood briquettes 40,-
  • It is not possible to rent 1 day in a weekend.

The bath is mounted on a 750kg trailer, which the vast majorityof cars are allowed to tow. It takes about 3hours to heat upfrom 8 degrees to 37 degrees. About 4-6 packs of woodbriquettes are needed for a fullheating. On the trailer ismounted a splash proof box, in which is 1*20m 3/4'' waterhose and a box with variousfittings for taps.

Contact us for more info at: info@westwind. dk or phone +4575 28 01 80

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