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Kitesurfing 1 Day Discovery Course - Bork Havn

  • Price for 1 , 138,00EUR(incl. VAT)

Discover one of the coolest sports you can do on water. 1 hour of theory and 3 hours in the water should give you a good idea as whether you like the sport or not.

Please note that we concentrate on the experience of flying the kite in the water. The course does not cover everything you need to become an independent kitesurfer! You can always upgrade to a full beginner course.

1 day - 4 hours
Equipment and wetsuit
To bring
Towel, swimsuit and shoes for all classes
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   The water sessions are designed for 4 students per instructor. Two students are sharing a kite.
   Min. age 15 years.

* Please note that the schedule is subject to change due to scheduling considerations, weather/water conditions, etc. We will inform you in case of any changes.
** If the weather conditions are not suitable for teaching you kitesurfing on the water, we will do 2 hours of theory. The rest of the course fee will be cancelled.
*** All our Kitesurfing lessons are offered in Danish, English and German language. As we are having students from different countries our group courses will be often hold in English.
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