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Sauna - 1 hour - Klitmøller

  • Price for 1 , 27,00EUR(incl. VAT)
Relax in our sauna after your surf session. Enjoy the panoramic views of the north sea while you heat up. The sauna is booked privately for you, so you decide how many you share it with.
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Read here for info about sauna rental, heating and guidelines ;)

1 hour costs 27,- EUR excluding firewood and kindling.

You can buy firewood and kindling from us. It costs 9,- EUR for 5 briquettes and 5 kindling blocks.

The warm-up time is part of the rental period. Therefore, we recommend that you book 2 hours so you have plenty of time to enjoy yourselves.

If you exceed your rental time by more than 5 minutes, you must pay for an extra hour per person sitting in the sauna.

It can accommodate 6 adults or 8 children at the same time.

It is IMPORTANT that you only pour clean water on the stove. It is NOT allowed to pour salt water, essential oils or alcohol on the stones!

Remember to use the washing bucket for your feet before entering the sauna and help us keep the sauna clean and nice for the next users.

Thank you for that :)

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Phone: +45 97 97 56 56 56
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