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Surf Camp - Standard

  • Price for 1 , 118,00EUR(incl. VAT)
Surf camp Standard is for those who want to learn to surf or improve their skills in the waves, and you have booked your own accommodation. Experience the continuous days on the water that will take your surfing to a new level. All while being surrounded by other guests with the same purpose, enjoying Cold Hawaii and the National Park's nature and many opportunities.

If the weather is not suitable for wave surfing, you can freely change the surf lessons to one of our other activities such as windsurf, stand up paddle, wingsurf, uv-hunting, yoga, dolphin safari or a fishing trip from our boat in the North Sea. The activities can also be purchased as extra activities.
2 - 5 days
Free equipment and wetsuit 2-5 days and 2-5 x 2 hours surfschool
To bring
Towel, swimsuit and a lot of Æloha Spirit
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Read on for info about the classes, equipment, accommodation and more ;)

How much does it cost?
Surf Camp 1 - Standard: 118 EUR.

Surf Camp 2 - Standard: 200 EUR.

Surf Camp 3 - Standard: 339 EUR.

How many times do we surf?
Surf camp 1 with 1 night includes 2 surf lessons so you surf both on arrival and departure day.

Surf camp 2 with 2 nights is including 3 surf lessons so you surf both on arrival and departure day.

Surf camp 3 with 4 nights is including 5 surf lessons so you surf both on arrival and departure day.

REMEMBER: Write in the message field how many days you want to surf. Then we will get back to you as soon as possible :)

Surf lessons - A safe experience with the forces of nature.

The surf lessons of 2 hours duration, consists of 10-20 minutes of theory, 90 minutes in the waves and a round-up of the day's experiences on land after the session. All our instructors are passionate surfers themselves and have the right tools to teach the knowledge you need to have a great experience in the waves. Safety is always our first priority!

Weather conditions
Before every surf lesson, we analyze the ocean and the waves, wind strength and direction as well as the current. This can sometimes mean that we move the surf lessons to either Hanstholm or Vorupør if the conditions require it. We do this to ensure that you get the best possible conditions for a fun and safe experience in the waves.

Free equipment:
At the surf camp you have free access to all our surf equipment, so you can surf as many hours as you want before and after your surf lessons.

You are free to use:
  • All our soft and hard top surfboards
  • All our soft and hard top stand up paddle boards
In addition, you have free access to:
  • Our wood-fired sauna at the beach (you must bring your own firewood)
  • Our bodyboards and skimboards
  • Our skateboards and skate-longboards
  • Our skate hall in Klitmøller
When you book you also get:
Recommendations and info on the restaurants in the local area we enjoy visiting when we don't feel like cooking. In addition, we will send you a long list of selected experiences you can enjoy when you need a rest from the water activities. Thy National Park and Cold Hawaii have so much to offer and we enjoy sharing it with all of you who come to surf here with us.

You can always call us on 97 97 56 56 or write an email to with all the questions you may have. Then we will be happy to help you get started with your surfing adventure in Thy, here with us :)
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