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Terms & Conditions

Webshop and shops - Terms and conditions

The following terms of sale and delivery apply to all deliveries from WestWind Surfshops and our shops.

The terms and conditions apply in cases where no other written agreements have been made between you as a buyer and WestWind Surfshops. 
Documentation and instructions if there are product descriptions and user manuals for the product, these will be included in the delivery from WestWind Surfshops. 

If you require further information or advice from WestWind, this is for guidance only. WestWind Surfshops guarantees that the goods fulfil the requirements for CE marking. Time of delivery and transport Delivery of goods from WestWind Surfshops is considered to have taken place when the consumer has received the goods. Goods are dispatched with GLS. Delivery time if the goods are in stock 1 to 3 days - ordered goods from Westwind Vorupør and Klitmøller may have a slightly longer delivery time during the winter.
The risk for goods purchased from WestWind Surfshops passes to you as a consumer at the time of delivery. Complaints any errors or defects in delivery from WestWind Surfshops, must be invoked within a reasonable time after you have discovered the error. It is your duty to state and, on request, show how the error or defect manifests itself. If you discover a defect, you must contact WestWind Surfshops as soon as possible and not use the product any further.

As a rule, you can only complain about defects that appear within two years after you have received the goods. For goods with a limited shelf life, your right to complain is limited by the shelf life period that WestWind Surfshops has promised you. In this shop you can order your goods online and pay by bank transfer, Dankort, Visa or Mastercard. All prices at WestWind Surfshops - at the web address - include VAT. Right of cancellation: WestWind Surfshops offers a 14-day right of cancellation, effective from the day you receive your goods. 

You are obliged to return the goods in substantially the same condition, packaging and quantity as received. You must bear the costs associated with returning the goods yourself.

Discount code terms and conditions
Discount codes cannot be used on already reduced products and demo/used equipment. Discount codes received through our newsletter cannot be used on WestWind courses.

When you shop at (WestWind Surfshops), you are always guaranteed the best price in Denmark, no matter which product you choose. We strive to have the largest assortment at the best price. Should there be a product where our competitors are cheaper, we will match the price immediately!

When does price match
Our price match applies:
  • All stores and webshops with a Danish CVR no. and inventory in Denmark.
  • Active offers, i.e. the offer must be valid and documented in writing at the time of purchase.
  • Only if the item is in stock in the webshop/store that we price match against.
  • The items you want price match on must be identical. 
  • When the minimum purchase requirement for free shipping is met. (If our competitors offer free shipping for e.g. a minimum purchase of DKK 2500, you must make a minimum purchase of DKK 2500 at Surfshoppen before delivery and shipping costs are not deducted from the price match).
  • Goods that are covered by Danish rules for VAT, customs, warranty and consumer protection.
WestWind Surfshop's price match does not apply:
  • Services such as delivery, postage and handling etc.
  • Surfshop's price match only applies to private purchases.
  • Membership offers from a business that requires membership or other benefits to obtain.
  • Special offers that require a special effort to obtain, e.g. queue, hourly and daily offers.
  • Clearance sales, remainder lots, bundle offers, limited lots, demo items, 2nd sorting and items with manufacturing defects.
Delivery and shipping costs*
How to claim a price match at WestWind
Bring documentation of a competitor's offer in-store. Picture, receipt, advert, offer newspaper or similar.

* Explanation of delivery and shipping costs.
WestWind Surfshops sells an item for 600 kr.  You have seen the same item at a competing store that fulfils WestWind Surfshops Price Match criteria.
The item costs 500 kr. and 50 kr. in delivery. This means you pay 550 for the item.
WestWind Surfshops price matches the competitor's total price of DKK 550 against our price of DKK 600. You get a total of DKK 50 in price match discount, which is the difference in price.

Information about complaints

A complaint about a product or service purchased from us can be filed with the Danish Competition and Consumer Authority's Centre for Complaint Resolution, Carl Jacobsens Vej 35, 2500 Valby. You can complain to the Centre for Complaint Resolution via

The European Commission's online complaint portal can also be used when filing a complaint. This is particularly relevant if you are a consumer residing in another EU country. Complaints can be filed here - When filing a complaint, you must provide our email address


Courses and Camps

Weather conditions
If there are no waves, there will be instruction in paddling techniques, safety, spot knowledge and current conditions/nearshore current theory. As a participant on our Camps, it is possible to convert the time on the water to any of our other activities such as UV hunting, SUP or Windsurfing school according to capacity.
We strive to provide live weather forecasts on Facebook twice a week, but unfortunately we are not in control of the weather gods yet.


We work with weather and wind for our Surf courses. Therefore, the weather determines the day's activity.
We don't cancel due to lack of waves, but instead we take out the surfboards (or SUP) and enjoy the calm North Sea. In this case, the calm North Sea days are used for practical exercises and basic surf theory.
However, should the North Sea 'show' its teeth, we allow ourselves to limit the activity to the smaller waves of the water's edge for safety reasons.  


We work with weather and wind for our SUP courses. Therefore, the weather determines the day's activity programme.
However, should the weather 'show its teeth', we allow ourselves to limit the activity for safety reasons
closer to the water's edge and spend more time on practical exercises, theory and equipment lessons.


We work with weather and wind for our Windsurfing courses. Therefore, the weather determines the day's activity programme. We don't cancel due to lack of wind, but instead our skilled instructors spend time on practical windsurfing exercises and basic theory.
However, should the weather 'show its teeth', we allow ourselves to limit the activity closer to the water's edge for safety reasons. Furthermore, we will spend more time on practical exercises, theory and equipment lessons.

You are therefore always guaranteed a great experience with us! See you for a fun and educational day on the water.

If cancelled 1 month before, 100% of the reservation will be refunded.
If cancelled 2 weeks before, 50% of the reservation will be refunded - You can always rebook your course to another date and time up to 2 days before your course starts. 
If you do not attend the course, 0% of the booking will be refunded. - We will schedule an employee for your course who will give you the best experience with us. Therefore, we reserve the right to the full amount of the booking, otherwise we wouldn't be able to reward our amazing employees.
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