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Windsurfing Level 2 - Cold Hawaii

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On our Windsurf level 2 course, you learn basic techniques and some theory. On the water, we will practice sailing back and forth, and we will teach you a basic turn. Our experienced instructors ensure that you have a safe and fun experience. Windsurfing, with the wind as your driving force, is a fantastic feeling. Get on board!
1 day - 3 hours
Equipment and wetsuit
To bring
Towel, swimsuit and shoes
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The course location is Vandet Sø (lake), a 10 min drive from Klitmøller. The address is: Vandetvej 20, 7700 Thisted. You must remember to pick up a wetsuit at the Surf Pro shop before you drive to Vandet Sø. Wetsuits can be picked up at both Surf Pro shops, in Klitmøller or Vorupør. For us to start the course on time, then wetsuits from Klitmøller need to be picked up, no later than 30 mins, before the course starts. Wetsuits from Vorupør need to be picked up 45 mins before the course starts. This allows for driving time. NOTE: Surf Pro does not offer transport from Klitmøller or Vorupør to Vandet Sø. We look forward to taking you out, on the water. Get on board!
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