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Wingfoil Continuation Course - Bork Havn

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This course is aimed at all beginners who have already had their first hours on the water with a wing (e.g. on our wingsurf beginner course) and are now eager to glide the first meters over the water with a foil under the board. The training takes place in Ringkøbing Fjord. This is one of the BEST wingfoil training areas you can find! Wingfoiling is for many a new water sport and therefore we have chosen that a continuation course should take place in small groups of 3 (max. 3 students per instructor). During the two hours of the class, a close learning environment ensures a lot of success experiences. For a wingfoil continuation course, each student gets their own wingfoil set to practice with, so fast progress and fun hours on the water are guaranteed!
1 day, 2 participants - 2,5 hours of teaching, from 3 participants - 3 hours of teaching
Wing, board, wetsuit and vest
To bring
Towel, swimsuit og shoes
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